Solitude in the crowd

Today’s world is rushed. Very little time for rest and relaxation unless you are sick. The demand for our time is great. Our schedules are jam packed rushing us from place to place. We work late and hard just to get ahead only to fall behind. Truth of the matter is we need that quiet time with our father in heaven and we simply say, “I don’t have enough time for it.” Some say “Sundays 80 minutes is good enough for me.” I heard a singer song writer Tim Timmons say we have 10,080 minutes a week and we gather for 80 and scatter the other 10,000.  We often wonder why life is so hectic and the truth is that it doesn’t have to be. Finding solitude in the crowd or chaos of today’s high paced society is key to our spiritual and physical lives.

            We see in Matthew 4:1-11 that Jesus went into the desert for forty days to spend time with His Father. While there the enemy came and tempted Him. Jesus was brought up in the scriptures. He knew the word. He beat the enemy with a K.O. using the word as a weapon and shield. How many of us know the scriptures like that? Unless you yourself have studied the word on your own you probably wouldn’t last three rounds with the enemy. Getting into the word of God is vital to our success in our spiritual and day to day life. It is important to find the time and that quiet place with God. You can see all throughout the Gospels Jesus leaving to be with His father, even up to his death He found that quiet place. While I was in New York City I had the chance to experience the madness of a big city. For those who like me, come from a place where everything closes at 9:00 p.m., the big city can easily become overwhelming as you have not time to breath. It is go, go, go don’t stop or I will run you over. I saw how easy it was for me to forget my time with God. This led me away from my walk with God for a bit. Being the loving Father that He is, He brought me back to Himself. I ended up couch surfing in the City for a couple of months to stubborn to come back to my boring hometown of Lancaster Pa. I found myself in Prospect Park in Brooklyn almost daily seeking God out for myself. Thanks to some friends of mine who simply set me straight and sent me home. I truly believe God used them to speak to me in my stubbornness. You see while I was spending that Time with God in prayer and reading my Bible He was breaking down walls in my life. Wall built to keep him out. In our quiet time God does the most work in us. Why? When we seek Him out for ourselves we open the door Him. We let God work, much like the Contractor who we hire to build us a wall or addition to our home. We don’t hire God, truth is we couldn’t afford it. Yet He paid the price anyway. Do we not owe God our ever moment. Romans 12:1 therefore I urge you brothers and sisters to offer yourselves as a living sacrifice holy and pleasing to God. This is your true form of worship. Boom let me say it again Boom!! We ought to be in that place with God every moment of everyday. Even though life is hectic it is all the more reason to be with our father in heaven.

            In short our life depends on that solitude with the Father. Getting out of the world for a moment to experience the Joy of heaven. Shedding our secrets and worries at the foot of the Father. Learning to sand on his word and not fear. Go and find the Place to be with the Father. Reach for Him and He will surely grab you.


Love you all

Jake Dickinson


True love

Family over the past few months we have talked about Love and what real Love looks like. Once more I want to touch on that topic once more.

Love in it’s definition is an intense feeling of Deep emotion.

Or we can look at Pope John Paul II definition of Love. Love is not a feeling but rather an act of giving ones self completely to another.

If love is an act the Jesus was the perfect example. Giving himself for all humanity. Jesus even said “no greater love for a man to show than to lay down his life for a friend” like wow like boom. The bible even says love is action not words or feelings but action. God is Love meaning He is in action in your life whether you realize it or not. So there is hope when all is Lost. Even more so God loves you! God is giving you his all.

I love you all


Hey family,
I love you! God has been teaching me His style of love the past two days! It’s intense let me tell you! See Gods live burns like wild fire, something I should know, but I let life get in the way of my intimacy with My Father. Last night I went for a walk and began praying for a revelation of the love of God. Here’s what I got.
1. Yield your hearts
2. Give God everything. Give Him your desires, dreams,and your worst.
3. Be open to let Love Flow through you. Often times God is pouring his love into us and we keep it like it was just for us.
4. Don’t regret the seasons of storms.
In these God is building in you a greater Hole in which His love Can flow through you to those who need it.
5. Trust Him
6. Praise Him in everything
7. Just dwell in Him.

I was getting home and I feel all bubbly inside and I like I needed this. I need my Father and He came through! He wants to. He is overjoyed when we are open to His Heartbeat.
Be encouraged love you!

Monday again!

Happy Monday!!!

Monday always seems to get the bad rap, why though! I see Mondays as a new opportunity to better serve God! Let’s not walk out our faith just on Sunday! The race is an every day fight. We can’t just be Followers of Christ on Sunday, then hate the world on Monday.

How do we walk out our faith on a daily bases? I am glad you asked!
For me every day starts and ends with praise. Starting my day by praising The father just sets the day of right. Through out the day prayer and praise combine keep me focused on the father. It works for me. Try it out this week!

Love you


Great news family!!!
I am engaged!!!
My God has engaged me in a love relationship like I have never experienced in my life. I want to let you in on a secret….

It’s an open relationship so you too can be engaged with God. Truth is family He wants you! He has a burning passion for your presence. He’s calling after you like a lover calls for his Bride.

See our father can not wait to get us alone to chat with us. Think about the last time you went on a date you actually enjoyed. You want to be alone with that person. To have some one on one time with them. Our Father is the same way. He waits patiently for us. When we walk in He’s over joyed to be with us.

Spend some time in prayer alone today. No music or phones. Just you and the father. Take notes.
Ps. I love you



I never thought God would pull me into a Devine intimacy with Him, but he has. My father desires my presence more than anyone or any false reality in this world. I have come to find a desire to be with him, something I never would have done a year ago! A year ago I was a man who proclaimed to have a relationship with God, but inside I was dead. Struggling to find a foothold in a world that wanted to beat me down and leave me for dead. A year ago I was battling depression and an addiction to pornagraphy. I look at how far I have come and truly I see how God has freed me! I found in God what I was longing for, not ever finding love on a screen. Over this past year I have found myself trusting the Father to do the unthinkable in my life. Restoration took place. I was a facade of a building falling apart on the inside, I am still under construction, and always will be as God continues to rebuild me, but I will be a glorious temple.

Family I wanted to share this because I believe it will be an encouragement to you. I want each and everyone of you to know that I love you. I am here for you. I want to walk with you every step of the way no matter where you are in your journey to the Father. I will be here cheering you on every day. I pray for you because the enemy has put a target on you. You are a threat to Him. You are all over comers. Family be blessed to day. Love you all


And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. (Matthew 10:38 NKJV)

Yesterday I had the opportunity to carry a cross through Strasburg Pa , for about 2 miles. I was worn out before hand from a long day at work and just tired from lack of sleep. But was quickly reminded of a few things.

One was Christ carried a much bigger cross after having His flesh shredded like cheese.

Yet another thought was Jesus had been awake for hours. Under a that much torment and pressure.
I truly believe Jesus had been so very tired and had felt that His Father had abandoned Him even before He hung on the cross.

Imagine the very heart of the Father though as his son, not guilty of anything carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. Imagine the The father weeping as He turn away from His son as He was being beaten to an unrecognizable form. God truly love us and Jesus’ heart lined up to the Fathers.
We are free because one man died for all the people as the high priest said.

Gods emense love for us was put on a cross. The perfect display of love as Jesus said. “No greater love does one show for those he love than to lay down his life for the good of another.”

Challenge for today
Be thanking God today for all the troubles today!
Love y’all

Just thoughts

Rejoice for his mercy is made new. Every thing is made anew. He calls his sons worthy and his daughters treasures. Like just king He rules but His mercy is great. We are His handy work. Like a potter He molds us. Like a lover He is intimate by breathing life into us. Like a lion His WORD is heard like a mighty roar. He whispers and mountains move. He does this and we are unaware of all He does. We fell in sin to walk in shame He had another plan. Redemption. JESUS! The very son who was perfect given as a lamb for the slaughter. Buy His Blood we are restored as sons and daughters of God. His love, made known to us through Christ Jesus, breaks down the walls of our hearts and gives peace in times of trouble, restores the brokenness to pieces of art. Freedom is found. Chains fall off and are broken never to be used again. Praise him for he does great things for you.


Say Something // A Great Big World
Cover by WorshipMob, and God’s response.

I Am the gentle whisper inside you, can you hear Me? Can you hear Me? Can you hear My constant love beating inside you, as close as the heart beating in your chest? I’m here. Settle your heart. Rest in My love. And hear Me calling to you. I’m calling your name. 

Just beautiful

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